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Homelessness and multiple disadvantage: Improving responses for women


29FebBench with person's belongings strewn aboutPart of Homelessness series

Women dealing with multiple problems such as homelessness, domestic violence, substance use, and poor mental health tend to be less well served by services and often don’t have their voices heard. The tendency for women to be more ‘hidden’ from services has a long-term impact, as they may present to services at crisis point, with rapidly deteriorating physical and mental health. By understanding the complexity of women’s lives and the intersecting inequalities within which they operate, this research aims to contribute to the development of pathways into earlier and more effective interventions.

In this webinar Joanne McGrath will present and discuss the implications of her NIHR funded PhD research. She has collated women’s stories to explore how trauma and multiple disadvantages can contribute to and complicate the issue of homelessness. Joanne previously worked in the homelessness sector and was awarded a Fellowship to research best practice in reducing homelessness amongst prison leavers in the USA and Norway.

Professor Monique Lhussier, Director of the Centre for Health and Social Equity (CHASE) at Northumbria University, will co-present at this webinar.

The event, which takes place on MS Teams only, is part of our Homelessness series.

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