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In the dynamic world of education, the development and evaluation of assessment rubrics play a crucial role in shaping the learning experience. Join us for a compelling webinar that merges the expertise of the University of Reading and King's College London in a two-part exploration of innovative assessment strategies.

Part 1: "The Importance of Student Partnership in Rubric Construction, Discussion, and Evaluation"

Allan Stephen Laville and colleagues from the University of Reading will shed light on the crucial role of student-staff partnerships in the design and evaluation of assessment rubrics. This presentation will delve into the university's principles that prioritize student voices in Teaching and Learning initiatives, addressing the challenges and strategies in engaging students with assessment rubrics.

It culminates in a critical discussion on the essential nature of student-staff collaborations for effective rubric development and enhancing assessment literacy among both students and staff.

Part 2: "Co-Production of Assessment Rubrics in an Online Education Context"

Anja Harrison and her team from King's College London will take us through the process of co-creating assessment rubrics in online learning environments. Recognizing the diversity of online student communities, this segment emphasizes the need for inclusive language and active student engagement in rubric development.

The presentation will provide a detailed guide to creating rubrics that resonate with a culturally diverse student body, drawing on methodologies developed with the co-creation student panel at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience. This part promises invaluable insights for educators aiming to enhance transparency, fairness, and effectiveness in online assessments.

About the Webinar

This webinar is designed for educators and administrators interested in exploring contemporary approaches to assessment in higher education. It promises to blend academic rigor with practical insights, offering strategies to navigate the challenges of student engagement and inclusivity in assessment practices.

This webinar is directly linked to the recently published book "Gonsalves, C. & Pearson, J. (Eds.). (2023). Improving Learning Through Assessment Rubrics: Student Awareness of What and How They Learn", published by IGI Global. The book offers an in-depth look at the themes discussed in the webinar. We encourage attendees to visit this link to download open access chapters and further enrich their understanding of the subject matter.

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