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Please note: this event has passed

Host: Dr Michele Groppi, ITSS Verona President and Lecturer in Defence Studies, King's College London

Moderator: Julia Hodgins, ITSS Verona Research Intern and King's College London MA student 

Keynote speaker: Dr Andrea Ellner, Lecturer in Defence Studies, King's College London

Guest speakers: 

  • Mr Raymond Frogner 
  • Dr Ines Ruiz 


14 October 2021, 18:00 - 19:30 (GMT)

The event will discuss cases of indigenous experiences in two countries (Canada and Peru), their respective truth and reconciliation processes, and how those impact their social cohesion from an academic point of view. Guests will focus on social relations and political background of the social reconciliation processes.

There will be 30 minutes for Q&A after the discussion.

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Speaker Bios


Raymond Frogner graduated with an MA in history from the University of Victoria and an MAS from the University of British Columbia. He was the archivist for private records at the University of Alberta where he taught a class in archives and Indigenous records. He was formerly an archivist for private records at the Royal BC Museum where his portfolio included Indigenous records. He is currently the Head of Archives at the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation. He is also the co-chair of the International Council for Archives Committee on Indigenous matters. In 2019 he was the principal author of the ICAs Tandanya/Adelaide Declaration concerning Indigenous self-determination and archives. He has published two articles in Archivaria on the topics of archives and Indigenous rights. Both articles have won the W. Kaye Lamb Prize. He continues to publish and present on issues of Indigenous identity and social memory. In 2020 he was nominated a Fellow of the Association of Canadian Archivists.


Dr Ines Ruiz obtained her MA and a PhD in Hispanic Studies at the Kent University, UK, where she also taught for a while. Her Research interests are gender, human Rights, documentary films, community communications and visual anthropology. She has worked in Euskadi’s EITB Radio (Spain). In Peru, she has collaborated with diverse not for profit organizations. Her last documentary (2012) “Una Voz Esteril” (“A Sterile Voice”) and her last book Pajaros de Medianoche (Midnight Birds) discuss the forced sterilizations in Peru during the 1990s. In July 2017 she participated in the conference “Debating Feminist perspective on commemoration, symbolic reparation and the arts” organized by King´s College London. Currently, she is academic coordinator of the Communication and Advertising Bachelor in Universidad Cientifica del Sur and teaches communication subjects in Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.

At this event

Andrea Ellner

Lecturer in Defence Studies

Michele Groppi

Lecturer in the Defence Studies Department

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