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Dr Michele Groppi

Dr Michele Groppi

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Lecturer in the Defence Studies Department

Research subject areas

  • Security

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Dr Michele Groppi is a Lecturer in Challenges to the International Order in the Defence Studies Department (DSD), King's College London.

He obtained his BA from Stanford University (Honors) in International Relations with a thesis focusing on trade and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. After moving to Israel, he got an MA (Summa Cum Laude) from the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, in Counter-Terrorism and Homeland Security.

Michele joined King's PhD Programme in Defence Studies in 2013, concentrating on Islamist radicalisation in Italy. Through extensive field work, he concluded the largest quantitative and qualitative investigation in the field, sparking discussion within Italian academia and governmental institutions.

Dedicated to the internationalisation of the study of security, Michele founded the International Team for the Study of Security - Verona, a cultural association linked to DSD exploring multiple facets of international security, ranging from terrorism to climate change, from great power competition to pandemics, from energy security to space militarisation.

Michele is an Editorial Member of the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) Herzliya, Israel and President of the International Team for the Study of Security- Verona ITSS.


Research Interests

  • Terrorism & Counter-Terrorism
  • Radicalisation & violent extremism
  • De-radicalisation & CVE
  • Islamist terrorism
  • Quantitative & qualitative research in terrorism studies

Michele's main research interests are divided into three main elements: the territorial dimension (terrorism and radicalisation in specific areas, including Italy and Europe); the conceptual domain focusing on theories and mechanisms of radicalisation and terrorism; comparison of drivers amongst terrorists and extremist non-violent populations.

Currently, Michele's research is extending to the military, policy, and community domain, assessing multiple approaches to counter-terrorism, de-radicalisation, and preventive measures.



  • ACSC: International Security Studies and Policy and Strategy
  • IOD 1-5
  • ICSC (L): GEOD
  • ICSC (M): 'Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism
  • International Affairs (Online)
  • PhD Secondary supervisor to Francesco Bruno




  • 04/2020, Light and Dark: Muslims in Italy: The Journey and the Encounter of Two Worlds (New Delhi: Vij Books).

Book Chapters

  • Accepted/In press, “The Italian Debate on Islamist Radicalisation”. In Terrorism and Counterterrorism after the IS-Caliphate, Afshin Ellian (Ed). University of Leiden, The Netherlands.
  • 12/2019, “Jihadism and post-9/11 Europe: The Italian Case”, in David Jones (eds.) Handbook of Terrorism and Counter Terrorism Post 9/11 (Cheltenham: Edward Elgar). Pp. 276-292.

Research Articles

  • 06/2020, “Islamist radicalisation in Italy: just A myth?”. Journal of Policing, Intelligence, and Counter Terrorism. Volume 15, Issue 2. pp. 117-135.
  • 11/05/2017, “The Terror Threat to Italy: How Italian Exceptionalism is Rapidly Diminishing”. CTC Sentinel 10:5, West Point. Pg. 20-28.
  • 02/2017, “An Empirical Analysis of Causes of Islamist Radicalisation: Italian Case Study”. Perspectives on Terrorism. Volume 11, Issue 1. pp. 2-10.

Policy Papers

  • Accepted/in press,“The Evolution of British and Israeli Counter Terrorism Policies”. Paper commissioned by Europa Atlantica, Alberto Pagani (Ed), Italian Parliament.

Media Articles