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The raison d'être of military force perennially changes. Some remain focused on near-existential state defence, while most have altered to focus on some mix of major combat operations, counterinsurgency, peacekeeping, and domestic aid to the civil authorities.

Mindful of such changes, this panel will discuss how the Covid-19 pandemic fits into such transitions. Taking in different perspectives from around the world, the panel examines the pragmatic role of different military forces in countries’ responses. Tentative conclusions will also be made as to the longer-lasting effects on civil-military relations in a post-COVID world.

Panelists and running order:

  • Introduction, Dr David Roberts, Assistant Professor School of Security Studies.
  • Presentation on Colombia, Maritza Del Rosario, PhD student in War Studies.
  • Presentation on Italy, Dr Michele Groppi,Teaching Fellow in the Defence Studies Department.
  • Presentation on Europe, Dr Bence Nemeth, Teaching Fellow in the Defence Studies Department.
  • Presentation on the UAE, Sara Al Mahri, PhD student in War Studies
  • Presentation on Ukraine, Natasha Boychenko, PhD student in the Defence Studies Department.
  • Reflection & Comments, Professor Martin Bricknell, Professor of Conflict, Health and Military Medicine.

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David Roberts

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Lecturer in the Defence Studies Department


Senior Lecturer in Defence Studies Education