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International Seminar: Heritage Interpretation and Presentation for Future Generations- Interpretation and Presentation of Contested Heritage towards Truth and Peace-building

Bush House, Strand Campus, London

24Jun2024_05_29_Heritage Interpretation and Presentation for Future Generations

King's Department of Classics hosts the third international seminar on heritage interpretation and presentation for future generations. It is co-organized with Seoul National University- Institute of international studies, ICOMOS International Committee on interpretation and presentation of Cultural Heritage Sites ICIP, Our World Heritage, International Collaboration of Sites of Conscience.


  • Heritage sites related to the wars and conflicts serve as spaces for peaceful co-existence of multiple or competing memories by amplifying marginalized voices and promoting truth-telling.

  • However, challenges to understanding narratives associated with wars and conflicts at heritage sites are increasing, facilitated by historical exclusion and revisionism.

  • Therefore, there exists a necessity to include the underrepresented voices related to the wars and conflicts for a balanced understanding of history and countering disinformation, bias, and discrimination.

  • In particular, heritage sites and museums are the best place where all information is presented to the public and their interpretation strategies are the key to show the full history of contested heritage sites.* 2023 International Seminar on Heritage Interpretation and Presentation for Future Generation: Understanding Wartime Narratives in the Digital Age (June 15, 2023/ VU Amsterdam & Online), hosted by Seoul National University, VU Amsterdam and Our World Heritage (more information available here)* 2022 International Seminar to Share Best Practices in WW2 Heritage and Youth Engagement: Countering Revisionism – Engaging New Generations in Memory, Truth and Justice around World War II Heritage (July 7, 2022/ Rubin Museum in New York, USA & Online), hosted by Seoul National University and International Coalition of Sites of Conscience (video available here)


  • To gather best practices of heritage interpretation and presentation on various human rights issues during wars and conflicts

  • To encourage contributions from, and cooperation among various actors working to make known the negative aspects of contested heritage, including experts, institutions, and civil society

  • To contribute to expanding the understanding of future generations on the controversial nature of heritage history and the importance of finding the full history for peace-building

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Hiba Alkhalaf

Postdoctoral Research Associate

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