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In this research seminar, presented by the African Leadership Centre, Dr Damilola Adegoke, Postdoctoral Fellow and Research Associate at ALC, will present on a paper titled, ''Japa': an exploratory study of the roles of social media in an out-migration trend in Nigeria'. 


This study seeks to understand the roles of social media in the new “Japa” migration trend in Nigeria. As part of this main objective, the study investigates the demographic characteristics of these new migrants—their age, gender, and socioeconomic status classifications. It also explores the challenges experienced by these new migrants before leaving and after arriving at their destination countries and asks if and how social media mitigates these challenges.

View the published paper in the journal, Social Media +Society. 

This event is being held online. 


Dr Damilola Adegoke

Damilola is a Research Associate with the African Leadership Centre at King's. Damilola has a BA in Philosophy and a MSc in Sociology of Development from the University of Ibadan and a MSc in Security, Leadership and Society from King's. He was also a Peace, Security and Development Fellow at the African Leadership Centre. He is an alumnus of the Brown International Advanced Research Institutes, Brown University, USA.


Dr Eka Ikpe

Dr Eka Ikpe is Director and Reader (Development Economics in Africa) at the African Leadership Centre at King's. Her research offers a critical understanding of socio-economic transformation processes which advances concept-building that centres spaces in Africa and parts of the Global South across the fields of economic development and peace and security. 

At this event

Damilola Adegoke

Research Associate

Eka  Ikpe

Director, African Leadership Centre