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Join the Institute of Middle Eastern Studies (IMES) for an online event featuring Daniel Gerlach, founder of Candid Foundation, and Inna Rudolf, PhD candidate at King’s College and Research Fellow at The International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation (ICSR), on their experiences of working, travelling and undertaking research in the Middle East.

They will speak about how they first become interested in the Middle East, their most memorable moments in the region, becoming more confident in Arabic, and common understandings or misconceptions among friends and families about their work there. They will also share advice on what it take to get published and recommendations for people pursuing careers in the field of research or journalism on the Middle East.

Their presentations will be followed by a Q&A, chaired by Inga Kristina Trauthig, co-convener of the MENA Research Group at IMES.

Daniel is a German journalist, author and political analyst specialising in Middle Eastern affairs, particularly Syria and Iraq. In addition to his work as the Candid Foundation’s Director General, he is the editor-in-chief of Zenith magazine. Daniel is a frequent media contributor and has also written and directed numerous documentaries on the Middle East. 

Inna Rudolf is a member of the MENA Research Group and research fellow at the ICSR, King’s College London. In 2019 she was a visiting researcher at the Institute of Regional and International Studies at the American University of Iraq. She previously served as a representative of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Her current research focuses on popular mobilisation tactics, security sector reform and Islamist non-state actors in Iraq.


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