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Digital nomads can be considered as those who live with fluidity in their travel, work, and social lives. Those who earn their living whilst being on the move: imagine working remotely from the beaches of Bali, or a café in Paris.

Traditionally, consumers have built a sense of security through solid consumption: home ownership, possessions and savings are established markers of stability in life. As such, the life of a consumer is felt to be secure with less risks to their assets.

Yet, for many, such signposts of stability have been rendered as either unattainable or undesirable. Some consumers sense the way to reduce risk in their livelihoods is by freeing their consumption from tight payments and seeing this lifestyle as an alternative pathway to security.

Join our panel of experts on 24 May 2022 for an exclusive insight into Digital Nomads.

  • Professor Giana M. Eckhardt, Professor of Marketing at King’s Business School and Associate Dean of Executive Education and Partnerships
  • Professor Ko de Ruyter, Professor of Marketing, Head of Marketing Research Group and Vice Dean, Research
  • Dr Gillian Brooks, Lecturer and Assistant Professor in Strategic Marketing

Join us for a webinar based on Professor Giana M. Eckhardt’s research; delving into how consumers now weigh stability and risk, the growing digital nomad lifestyle, what it means for businesses and society, and how King’s is leading in this research.

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At this event

Giana M Eckhardt

Professor of Marketing

Ko de Ruyter

Professor of Marketing

Gillian Brooks

Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Strategic Marketing

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