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Please note: this event has passed

As part of our project, this Lifelong Ageing workshop brings together ECRs taking a lifecourse perspective of ageing with interested participants from local and national charities and other third sector organisations.

Through a range of ECR talks and opportunities to network, we want to start conversations between third sector partners invested in policy-making and up-and-coming researchers working in this field.


Preliminary Programme

9.15 am Registration with coffee and pastries


9:45-11:00 Session 1: Challenging ageism

Esca van Blarikom (Anthropology, Queen Mary) – ‘Living on’ with long-term health conditions: a potential to flourish.

Sabrina Keating (Sociology, Oxford) – Healing a Culture of Shame and Silence: Re-negotiating Pelvic Floor Health Across the Life Course

Emily Bradfield (Health and Social Care, independent consultant/researcher) – Participation, connection and flourishing: exploring everyday creativity in later life


Break (11:00-11:30)

11:30-13:00 Session 2: Making the most of later life

Chiara de Lucia (Neuroscience, King’s/Stavanger University Hospital) - What do we know about the link between the creation of new neurons and ageing?

Alison Herbert (Lifecourse and Society, Galway) – How can where we live influence our ageing: perspectives from remote rural island place and mid-life women

Matthew Stroud (Life Sciences and Medicine, King’s) – Keeping your nuclei in good shape: it’s all about exercise

Justin Christensen & Jon Pigrem (Music, Sheffield) – Exploring the needs and preferences of those living with dementia when designing new musical technologies for wellbeing


Lunch inc. Research Marketplace (13:00-14:00)

13:00-14:00 Research Marketplace: Tables and posters for conversation during lunch

Justin Christensen & Jon Pigrem (Music, Sheffield) - New musical technologies for older adults' wellbeing

Yichao Li & Chengxu Long (Gerontology, King’s) – Social health insurance and health equity in East Asia

Emily Taylor (Gerontology, Exeter University and Cornwall County Council) – Independence and ageing: What matters and what does it mean?

Sarah Bond and Katie Dabin (Science Museum Group) – Engaging the public in the sciences of ageing


14:00-15:15 Session 3: Ageing inequalities

Rahul Chandrasekar (Medicine, UCL) – Adverse childhood experiences and the development of multimorbidity across adulthood – A national 70-year cohort study

Chungho Lau (Medicine, Imperial) – Disease risk factors and metabolomic ageing

Kate Hough (Biological Sciences, Southampton) – Listening for better hearing


Break (15:15-15:45)

15:45-17:00 Session 4: Coming together

Emily Timms (English, Vienna) – Imagining Otherwise: Postcolonial Perspectives on Ageing, Care and Dementia

Najia Sultan (Medicine, Queen Mary) – Health and ageing in British Pakistanis: Why family and faith matter

Sarah Hopkins (Public Health and Primary Care, Cambridge) - To age successfully is not to get old: reconceptualising successful ageing using a narrative approach

17:00 Closing remarks

Event details

Science Gallery London
Great Maze Pond, London, SE1 9GU