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In recent years, the political system of London has come under various challenges, connected to Brexit, COVID-19 and now the cost-of-living crisis. As the recent report demonstrates COVID-19 has deeply shaken the life of Londoners, amplified existing inequalities and disrupted the way that London governance works. However, the consensus is lacking both in terms of the assessment of the local government, and the way it can, or should, respond to the crisis of the costs of living. Almost two years after the pandemic, this public event revisits the topic of London's democratic governance and the challenges that rise ahead.

Speakers include: Professor Tony Travers (LSE), Tim Roca (Westminster Council), Dr Sonia Bussu (Manchester Metropolitan) and Dr Marta Wojciechowska (KCL).


Professor Tony Travers is the Director of LSE London and the chair of the British Government@LSE research group. An author of numerous books on London Governance (most recent: ''London's Boroughs at 50') and an active policy advisor.

Cllc Tim Roca is the Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Young People, Learning and Leisure at the Westminister City Council.

Dr Sonia Bussu is a Senior Lecturer in Politics and Public Administration at Manchester Metropolitan University. Dr Bussu regularly publishes on democratic governance and draws on years of experience in the policy sector.

Dr Marta Wojciechowska is a Lecturer in Politics at King's College London. She is the author of the 'London Powers and Inequality: Lessons from the COVID-19' report.


The event is open to the public and hosted by the Centre for British Politics and Governance, King’s College London.

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Marta Wojciechowska

Lecturer in Politics

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Council Room
Strand Campus
Strand, London, WC2R 2LS