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I am a political theorist interested in questions of democracy (deliberative and participatory approaches), inequality, and urban governance. My work is interdisciplinary and combines normative political theory with qualitative methods and a public policy focus.

Before joining King’s as a Lecturer, I have been a Postdoctoral Research Associate here at King’s and an LSE Fellow at the London School of Economics. My postdoctoral project ‘Coping with Complexity and Urban Inequality: Dilemmas of Democratic Mega-city Governance’ was fully funded by the Economic and Social Research Council UK. My PhD is from the London School of Economics, Government Department (2020). I am also a member of the Leadership Collective of the Critical Policy Studies Related Group, American Political Science Association.

You can visit my website here.

Office hours

Thursday 14.30 -15.30

Friday 16.00 -17.00

Bush House NE 9.09

Book here:


I have been teaching a range of courses within PPE (Politics, Philosophy, and Economics) and Political Theory, including:

  • Ethics, Economics and Public Policy
  • Key Concepts of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
  • Philosophy, Politics, and Economics of the City
  • Ethics and Public Policy
  • Introduction to Political Theory
  • Political Theory of Finance



Wojciechowska, M. (2022) Understanding Megacities. An Argument on the Role of Democratic Ideals. Political Geography, 97, DOI:

Wojciechowska, M. (2022). Participation Is Not Enough: an Argument for Emancipation as a Foundation of Participatory Theorising. Representation, 58:2, 155-168

Wojciechowska, M. (2022) Mending Democracy: Democratic Repair in Disconnected times, Democratization, DOI: 10.1080/13510347.2022.2073439 (review)

Wojciechowska, M. (2019). Towards Intersectional Democratic Innovations. Political Studies, 67(4), 895-911.

Wojciechowska, M. (2019). Completely Theorized Agreements. A Different Reading of the Consensus Paradox Hypotheses. Journal of Public Deliberation, 15(1).

Policy reports:

Wojciechowska, M. (2022). London during the Pandemic: Local Democracy and Inequality

Bussu, S., Golan Y., Hargreaves A., Bua A., Falanga R., Fleuß D., Forde C., Williams E., Wojciechowska M. (2022). Understanding developments in Participatory Governance. A report on findings from a scoping review. Manchester Metropolitan University.

Dacombe, R., Allen, G., Carugati, F., Blick, A., Bol, D., Duffy, B., Wojciechowska, M. (2021). Written evidence for the Inquiry into the Future governance of the UK (FGU0019). House of Lords Constitution Committee.