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Making Song Workshop - 11 May 2022

Please note that this event has passed.

Underpinning Making Song is our belief in art-based practices as vital forms of collective knowledge production. In this workshop, we will be looking at songs as agents for social change, sites of resistance and recovery.

Together with musicians/composers Eliane Correa and Camilo Menjura, our aim is to facilitate a process whereby we can collectively create a mosaic of interweaving sonic structures, with participants, through rhythm, narrative, fragments of texts, voices, and music.

We will begin by revisiting songs as parallel discourses which often get lost in hegemonic narratives. And yet songs remain deeply embedded in the social and historical processes that give rise to them. So why do songs resurface, mobilize, and affect those who sing and receive them? How does our appreciation of a song change the way we perceive the words and silences contained within the song itself? What happens when we listen to a song in a language we do not speak or understand?

Equally, can participatory methods such as song-making act as analytical tools operating side by side and within the physical spaces where interventions, like this workshop, take place? Is singing another way of thinking?



Mary Ann is a doctoral researcher working in the Translation Acts strand. Born in Lima and based in London, she trained as an actor and director in Peru before completing an MA in Translation Studies at Kings focusing on a body of dramatic material written and performed during the Peruvian civil war.

Her current research interests involve working closely with the Latin American community in South London to create a body of texts and performance pieces, which aim to crystallize what this community has experienced, desired and dreamed of whilst living in London over the last three decades.

Her investigation will cross-over at least two other research strands, Travelling Concepts and Digital Mediations, by facilitating the creation of textual, kinetic and sound archives. She is an active member of the Out of the Wings Collective at King’s.


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