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Rich country governments have committed to providing USD 100 billion of international climate finance by 2023. Despite the initial commitment that climate finance should be ‘new and additional’, the overall envelope of international finance is not rising significantly. In this session, Mark Miller will share analysis on how climate finance commitments are affecting the wider landscape of concessional international finance.

About the speaker

Mark Miller leads ODI’s programme of work on international and public finance. This programme of work is concerned with how governments and international financial institutions can support prosperous, equitable and sustainable economies around the world. He is also currently acting director of the ODI Fellowship Scheme.

Mark is an economist with 15 years of experience working primarily on fiscal issues. He has advised finance ministries in Southern Africa and East Asia and has also worked with the World Bank Group and United Nations Development Programme. Prior to his work in public policy, Mark was a management trainee at Unilever.

His current research interests are focused on the interaction between national fiscal policies and transnational policy concerns. His work is also concerned with the future of international cooperation in the United Kingdom.