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On hope, care, solidarity and shared humanity: the role of the artist/academic in engaging with urgent social and political questions and decolonising knowledge production - Dr Manal Massalha

This event is part of the CPPR seminar series.

Drawing on my ethnographic and photographic practice, this seminar will focus on the role of the artist/academic in engaging with urgent social and political questions, hope, care and solidarity, and decolonising knowledge production. Using my latest project: Marching for Humanity & Hope: Voices from London Marches for Palestine, the seminar will relate to my experience of turning to solidarity, care and art as a way of dealing with collective grief and finding hope in the face of the latest iteration of bloodshed, loss of life and unimaginable suffering of Palestinians and Israelis, the apocalyptic destruction of Gaza, the brutality of colonial violence and injustice, ethnic absolutism, racial supremacy and religious righteousness, the double standards and attempts to delegitimise the rule of law and human rights. The resort to a divisive, binary, and tribal discourse of us vs. them, when there is only one, that is our shared humanity.

About Manal: I’m an urban ethnographer and self-taught social documentary photographer. My practice is immersive and engaging. It puts people at the centre and provides them the platform to tell their stories. Treating them with respect, dignity and humanity are my guiding principles. My photography celebrates urban conviviality and visualises displacement, social inclusion/exclusion, and urban health and their intersection with race, class, gender and coloniality.

Event details

Franklin-Wilkins Building
150 Stamford Street London, SE1 9NH