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Operationalising Purposeful Culture in Financial Firms

Strand Building, Strand Campus, London

08MayOperationalising Purposeful Culture in Financial Firms

The FCA requires financial firms to promote and maintain "healthy, purposeful culture". Healthy, purposeful culture acts as an enabler, strengthening governance arrangements and compliance of financial firms with regulatory standards such as the new Consumer Duty. However, the concept of purposeful culture remains vague and open-ended and is, in its nature, susceptible to a plurality of interpretations.

This conference seeks to demystify the practical workings of purposeful culture in financial firms, drawing insights from interviews and industry experiences as part of a research project supported by the British Academy Leverhulme grant. It aims to provide clarity on the characteristics and practical dimensions of purposeful culture within financial firms, focusing on the feedback loop between culture and its drivers.

This conference will bring together senior managers, regulators, consumer bodies and other relevant stakeholders to discuss a shared vision of purposeful culture and suggest concrete steps to meeting the FCA's regulatory objective and increasingly, societal expectations.

Speakers will include: 

Professor Philip Rawlings 

Peter Ewing, (FCA)

Peter McCormack,Chartered Bank Board of Trustees

Fliss Berridge, Director and Co-Founder Ordopay

Jenny Sega

Mick McAteer, Co-Director of UK Financial Inclusion Centre

Sarah Goddard, CEO Blueprint for Better Business

Dr Alan Brener 

Dr Ian Petters, the Institute of Business Ethics

Organised in partnership with Dr Andreas Kokkinis

At this event

Dr Anat Keller

Senior Lecturer in Financial Law

Crawford Spence

Professor of Accounting

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