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PISA, student achievement and perceptions: it’s not just about schools - 26 May 2021

Please note that this event has passed.

In this CRESTEM seminar, Professor Mary Oliver and Dr Mike Adkins discuss their research around big data in education and student achievement.

What can we learn from big data in Education? Large data sets such as PISA and NPD provide opportunities to explore associations between different variables. The team were interested in exploring instructional strategies and different aspects of ‘affect’ and aspirations on the PISA / GCSE scores. Comparing instructional approaches shows a complex picture: inquiry-based teaching shows positive associations with interest and engagement in science and negative associations with achievement.This is a controversial and contested finding but consistent across countries.

For science educators, that there is a ‘sweet spot’ in using different instructional approaches in teaching science. Further exploration of students’ environmental awareness showed global differences that we explained in terms of curriculum in different education systems, and geo-political influences. Schools can support interest in science, develop scientific literacy and raise awareness of environmental issues.

The paper will include discussion of the teaching implications and for students of science education, this presentation will also be an introduction to the different approaches of ethnography and ethnomethodology.

The presentation will be online in Microsoft Teams. Please email Dr Richard Brock for the link to the event.

About the speakers

Professor Mary Oliver is professor of science education at the University of Nottingham with an interest in classroom interactions in science. She led the implementation of CASE across Australia and has worked with PISA data sets since 2006.

Dr Mike Adkins is a senior research fellow at the University of Nottingham. His expertise lies in quantitative research, developing mathematical models using large-scale data sets in education.

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