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Being able to confidently present in front of others - and make a positive impact on your audience - is one of the most valuable skills to develop in your career.

Whether you’re preparing for an interview, delivering a presentation for your course, pitching your business, or doing a speech, presenting skills continue to come up.

This session is all about helping you to present with more confidence and create the impact you want when you step up to speak.

You’ll gain tips and techniques on:

  • Creating a great first impression
  • Coming across compelling and credible when you present
  • Using your body language and voice for maximum impact
  • How to structure a compelling presentation in a range of scenarios
  • Making a lasting impact on your audience – be it in front of one person or thousands of people

Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to put your learning into practice so that you come away with valuable takeaways to apply to your next presenting opportunity.


Do you have a problem you're passionate about solving? And the inkling of an idea of how to solve it?

Come along to our Idea Factory Open Pitch Night on Tuesday 14th November for your chance to pitch for £250 funding towards your next step to test your idea – whether that’s market research, building a prototype, buying equipment for testing, incentives for customer research, marketing etc.

This Presenting with Confidence & Impact workshop is the perfect preparation to pitch on the 14th November!

More information and sign up to the Idea Factory Open Pitch Night here.


This online workshop is open to all students, staff and alumni of King's.

If you're taking part in Enterprise Award, this counts as one of your four workshops, focused on Compel.

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