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Please note: this event has passed

This exhibition invites you to explore different voices on climate and sustainability from across the King’s community. In the form of poems and posters, themes of hope, fear, sadness and action are explored, showcasing how our contributors respond emotionally as they navigate interconnected issues of environmental degradation, humanitarian crises and climate change.

These poems and posters explore a variety of complex topics and issues, demonstrating the breadth of insight on complicated matters from across the King’s community. Exploring diverse subjects such as biodiversity and carbon footprints, to societal issues and sustainability, these creative submissions offer a thought provoking and honest take on some of the pressing issues faced in the world today.

Presented by King’s Climate & Sustainability, Ripple Effects features nine poems and five posters submitted as a creative assessment as part of the KEATS Sustainability & Climate module. The different subjects and emotions displayed showcase the thoughtful and diverse views that reflect the King’s community at large. The module is also complemented by an online Sustainability Seminar Series, open to the public. Learn more and sign up.

Visitors can create pledges for the planet and contribute to a collaborative poem at The Arcade – these will be shared on King’s Sustainability social media and Blog following the exhibition. Keep up-to-date with Ripple Effects and other ways to get involved by subscribing to the King’s Climate & Sustainability Newsletter and following us on Instagram and Twitter/X.

Exhibition acknowledgements

Organisers: King’s Climate & Sustainability team with invaluable support from King’s Culture.

Featured student artists: Max Jörg Pässler, Perdita Matson, Anushree Anand, Jeanne Begon-Lours, David Okubadejo, Ericka Domenica Mejia Farias, Adele Cailliau, Maé Gauttier, Geraint Davies, Isabella Ewell, Lushomo Koni, Khushi Mann, Cheryl Ai Tian Lim, Pearl Chen, Shalom Muyiwa, Rhiannon Ward, and Hon-Lam Cheung.

Exhibition Volunteer Sustainability Ambassadors: Maé Gauttier, Louise Slade, and Suliman Sattar.

Printers & installers: Displayways.

Event details

The Arcade
Bush House Arcade
Arcade at Bush House, South Wing, Strand WC2B 4PJ