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Please note: this event has passed

This is an online webinar taking place on Zoom. A link will be shared 3 days prior.

Join us for an insightful webinar that embarks on a journey to reimagine assessment rubrics in education. Titled "Rubrics Reimagined: Enhancing Dialogue and Charting the Future", this event is a collaboration between leading educators and researchers, aimed at redefining the use and understanding of rubrics in both compulsory and higher education.

This webinar is designed for educators, administrators, and anyone interested in contemporary approaches to assessment in higher education. It offers a blend of academic rigor and practical insights, focusing on the challenges and opportunities in evolving assessment practices.

The webinar links directly to the themes discussed in the recently published book "Gonsalves, C. & Pearson, J. (Eds.). (2023). Improving Learning Through Assessment Rubrics: Student Awareness of What and How They Learn", published by IGI Global. We encourage attendees to visit this link to download open access chapters and further enrich their understanding of the subject matter.

Part 1: "What Is Next for Rubrics? A Reflection on Where We Are and Where to Go From Here"

Professor Heidi L Andrade takes a critical look at the ubiquity of rubrics in education and reflects on the current state and future directions. The presentation will challenge conventional perceptions of rubrics, proposing a redefinition in terms of learning goals to better align with classroom assessment practices.

Heidi will offer practical suggestions for enhancing the quality of rubrics and mitigating potential negative impacts on students. This segment promises a thought-provoking examination of rubrics’ evolution and their role in future educational landscapes.

Part 2: "Using Rubrics as Feedforward Tools for Subject Contextualized Dialogue"

Dr Nick Pilcher and Dr Kendall Richards focus on the innovative use of rubrics as tools for feedforward dialogue between teachers and students. This approach, which precedes student assignment submissions, aims to enrich the understanding of subject content and expectations.

The presentation will explore the importance of context-specific rubric terminology, the nature of effective dialogue, and the specificity of language tailored to individual assignments. Through practical examples and focused questions, this segment will provide attendees with strategies to facilitate meaningful pre-assessment conversations, enhancing students’ comprehension and performance in their assignments.

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