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Joshua Cohen, ‘Attention: A (Short) History’ [section 1 ‘Inattention’, and section M, ‘Behaviorism and Gestalt, Neuroacademia, Consumption v Prosumption, Buddhisms’] in Attention: Dispatches from a Land of Distraction (New York: Random House, 2018)

‘Attention: A (Short) History’ is a very long essay in an even longer book. We will only be reading two sections from the essay. If you are used to reading more science-based texts, you may find this text maddening. If you are used to reading literary texts, you might too. The New York Times went so far as to say that Cohen’s book ‘has A.D.H.D’. Yet Cohen’s essay offers an exhilarating journey through ideas and ways of experiencing attention and distraction. It also serves as an excellent manifestation of why attention is worth our attention in the first place.

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