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Attention is a concept that can only be understood in a way that has the capacity for real social impact if it is studied from the combined perspectives of the psychological, the historical, the social, the philosophical, the economic, and the cultural. We have created the Centre for Attention Studies at King’s (ASK) to respond to this challenge.

ASK represents a radically multi- and interdisciplinary grouping of researchers and teachers combining the arts and humanities, the social and political sciences, business, health studies, computing and psychology, psychiatry and neuroscience, and more. We also work with a range of partners in policy, industry, the creative and charity sectors both to inform our work and to ensure meaningful impact.

Our aim is to bring together a new interdisciplinary field of study, and also to find new ways of working and new knowledge-infrastructures that can support ambitious interventions in response to some of the fundamental challenges of the contemporary world.

The Centre for Attention Studies is part of the Digital Futures Institute.

Visit the Centre for Attention Studies at King's (ASK) website to find out more.


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