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Please note: this event has passed

Please join us for the fifth session of the Attention Reading Group organised by the Centre for Attention Studies at King’s College London.

SESSION 5: Wearable Attention

Reading: Natasha Dow Schüll, ‘Wearable Attention: Course Corrections for Wandering Minds’. In Scenes of Attention, ed. D. Graham Burnett and Justin E.H. Smith (NY: Columbia University Press, 2023)

Natasha Dow Schüll’s bestselling book, Addition by Design: Machine Gambling in Las Vegas (2012), analysed the development of strategies for total attention capture in casinos. She has now taken her incisive analytical lens to look at the field of wearable attention technology. Marketed under the umbrella of ‘tech for good’, such attention devices – glasses, headbands – become prosthetic extensions of Big Tech’s desire to literally get inside our heads. But do they work?

A PDF copy of the text will be sent to all registered participants, together with a Teams link for the meeting.

This event is open to all and free to attend, booking is required.

Participants from outside the KCL community who haven’t attended any of the previous sessions are most welcome to join the Reading Group, but, as well as making a booking, they need to click on ‘Contact the event organiser’ on the booking page, choose the option ‘I have a question related to an event’ and email us with a brief introduction about themselves.

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