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Wildfires are one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time, affecting nearly every continent on Earth, from Australia to as far north as the Arctic. But wildfires are a complex puzzle – they are a source of destruction, but also an ecosystem service, and an important part of Earth’s history and human society.

Knowledge of wildfires, through space and time, is ever growing, created through science, art and culture, and sometimes the meeting between them. ‘Stolen Climate: Global Perspectives of Fire on Earth’ will bring together some of these different knowledges to explore how we understand wildfires today – from their interaction with the Earth’s atmosphere and climate, to the relationship between colonialism and fire management policies. Join us to discuss these issues with scientists and artists, including a world preview of the artwork ‘Stolen Climate’, by artist, and Torres Strait Islander, Clinton Naina.

For more information and to reserve your place, visit Science Gallery London's website.


About this event

Science Gallery London is a place to grow new ideas across art, science and health. It is King’s College London’s unique public space that brings together academics, researchers, students, artists and local communities. Science Gallery London presents exhibitions, events, performances, live experiments, open discussions and festivals.

This event is hosted by the Leverhulme Centre for Wildfires, Environment and Society, with Arts Cabinet and the Centre of Visual Art (University of Melbourne). With thanks to Menzies Australia Institute, King’s College London, Schenberg Trust and the Science Gallery London for their additional support.



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