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You have probably heard about greenwashing, but do you know what it really entails?

The last event of the calendar year will cover sustainable marketing. The scale and consequences of marketing are substantial and unsuspected. As the need for more sustainable marketing is growing, how are companies changing their practices to be more environmentally friendly and diverse? How does it affect all of us and what can we do about it?

Join this interactive panel discussion and ask your questions to our 3 expert speakers.

Before the seminar, please think of the best (or worst) marketing strategy you think are green-, pink- or whitewashing and share an example via this padlet.

Event speakers

Dr Fatima Wang, Senior Lecturer in Marketing

Dr Fatima Wang studies the effectiveness of marketing programmes on driving change (market driving behaviour) and the impact on frontline service provision. She wrote "Six dilemmas for customer loyalty and sustainability" where she outlines the challenges of breaking the traditional moulds of marketing. Customer loyalty is focused on retaining customers to increase sales while sustainability is more concerned with wasteful consumption moving society to more environmentally friendly goods and services. Dr. Wang works with local authorities to explore how marketing can increase community engagement in climate plans and is an academic advisor for industry players in plastics recycling. Dr. Wang was a co-investigator in Horizon 2020 FP7 2.8 million euros research consortium MNEmerge exploring the role of multinational enterprises on reducing poverty around the world.  

Dr Romas Malevicius, Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Marketing

Dr Romas Malevicius is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Marketing at King’s Business School, King’s College London. He teaches modules related to marketing and sustainability. In his academic position, Romas’s research focuses on embedding education for sustainability in higher education. Romas is Learning Design and ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) (in collaboration with UNESCO IESALC) Bootcamp member and mentoring academics worldwide to incorporate sustainability into their teaching practices. Romas is originally from Lithuania. He is also a digital artist and passionate about marketing, branding, and sustainability issues. He believes marketing has an important role in shifting consumer behaviour towards more sustainable lifestyles. He has been working with businesses, social enterprises and non-governmental organisations as a sustainability and marketing consultant. Romas helps organisations align their missions, branding and marketing campaigns with ethical and sustainable values. His consulting work allows Romas to apply his research and theory to practice in the field of sustainable marketing. 

Veronica Wignall, co-director of Adfree Cities

Veronica Wignall is a campaigner and activist working with Adfree Cities and the Badvertising campaign for a reduction in outdoor advertising in public space, and a tobacco-style ban on advertising that harms nature and the environment. She has a PhD in ecological science and lives in Bristol. 

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