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Join us for a thought-provoking debate on the role of offsetting in Higher Education. Amidst the urgent call for achieving global net zero emissions, the question of how we navigate this journey sparks controversy among critics and proponents.

During this event, we will delve into whether offsetting is the right approach for universities, which also make significant contributions through research and education. As we navigate the nuances of offsetting, we will address critical questions, including the moral implications of offsetting and the necessity of prioritising emissions reduction.

The debate aims to engage the King’s community in a dialogue surrounding offsetting. With a focus on exploring and connecting relevant research, fostering academic debate, and informing future policy, we seek to highlight the complexities of offsetting within the academic sphere.

Speakers include:

This event is open to all members of the King’s community, encouraging participation from academics across faculties.

This discussion will feed into the recently created Carbon Offsetting Working Group. This group is exploring the full range of options related to offsetting, which will culminate in a multidimensional strategy and university-wide policy on carbon offsetting for King’s by Spring 2025.

Read more about offsetting here

At this event

Frans Berkhout

Assistant Principal (King’s Climate & Sustainability)

Oliver Perkins

PhD Student

Joachim  Aufderheide

Reader in Philosophy

Karlygash Kuralbayeva

Senior Lecturer in Economics

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