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The Early Careerists' Research Forum (ECRF) is based at the Centre for Late Antique and Medieval Studies at King's but open to medievalists based in or visiting London. The ECRF was conceived as a place where students of medieval history, literature, art, etc. can share their work in a supportive environment. The usual format of an ECRF is: a member shares a piece of written work a week before, and the 1.5 hour session is a time for discussion and feedback. Written work might be a draft chapter, an article in preparation, or even a PhD almost ready to hand in (don't worry, you're never expected to read a whole PhD!). Whoever is sharing work will usually append questions for the group to consider as they read. Sometimes, members may choose not circulate work in advance but instead will use the ECRF as a chance to practice and receive feedback on a conference paper. We aim to create a London early career medievalist community, and facilitate a space within which you can chat to and with other medievalists, regardless of whether you are a participant or an attendee. Current and alumni ECRF members appreciate and value the feedback we receive when sharing and discussing our work with our peers. We are keen for the ECRF to be a group that members will commit to attending - a group with a solid quid pro quo backbone to it. To this end, if you wish to share your work with the group, we ask that you attend 2-3 sessions throughout the academic year. Our sessions take place on semi-regular fortnightly Tuesdays, from 5.30-7pm - with the option of continuing our discussion over dinner, should it take our fancy Please contact

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