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Doctor Ylva Baeckstrom and colleagues invite you to participate in a virtual roundtable discussion on “The Economic Potential of Gender Equality”.  With you, we want to build a new research initiative that will deepen the positive economic impact in society through evidence-based policies aimed at tackling gender disparities.

We would like to hear from you to make sure that our research will address the challenges and opportunities that are most relevant to your organisations and to better understand how we can support your own gender equality initiatives with access to research, events and students.

As in so many aspects of public life, gender inequality in finance manifests itself at multiple levels, from the stark under representation of women in senior leadership and on company and regulatory boards, to women receiving a smaller proportion of loans than men, and investing less. This has an impact not only on the output of the sector but the economy as a whole - not to mention the greater societal repercussions.

Gender equality is a complex, multifaceted issue that requires collaboration with industry, policy makers and regulators to facilitate effective strategies. As governments and organisations adapt to a shifting landscape with more digitalisation, changing work patterns, trade and international mobility, it is imperative to ensure that these new models also take the issue of gender equality into account.

The round table discussion will be an opportunity for you to hear from Doctor Ylva Baeckstrom, Lecturer in Finance at King’s Business School and a leading expert on gender bias in finance.  Before academia, Dr Baeckstrom spent over 15 years in senior banking roles in the UK, was the CEO of a Fintech startup, as well as 15 years practising as a psychotherapist.  With a doctorate in Finance and, a Masters in Psychotherapy, she combines the two worlds of finance and psychology to tackle the question of gender inequality in finance and business.

  • Roundtable 2: Tuesday 9 June, 11am – 12pm

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