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Join our webinar to learn more about our upcoming executive programme ESG for Hospitality Leaders.

A momentous shift in international financial regulation is imminent, with environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting soon to be compulsory. And that’s just the start. In a few years’ time, hoteliers will not be allowed to rent their rooms if the energy performance of their properties is not up to scratch. This change in regulation is already affecting hotel valuations, finance, and due diligence for deals. What’s more, the rules are set to get tougher and more wide-ranging.

As hotel owners, investors, financiers and managers will all be responsible in one way or another for maintaining ESG standards, the Energy & Environment Alliance (EEA, an industry coalition set up to help hotels reach net zero carbon and ESG leadership) and King’s Business School have created an executive education programme on ESG in hospitality specifically for them.

It will equip participants to:

  • Navigate complex and rapidly changing ESG regulation
  • Design and deploy effective ESG strategies
  • Lead ESG transformation across the business
  • Mitigate risk and unlock ESG opportunities
  • Future-proof investments
  • Better access green finance
  • Deal with climate risk, climate finance and non-financial accounting
  • Understand the science driving the climate change agenda

The course will also facilitate networking between peers and establish an alumni community that receives regular updates on the latest, relevant ESG developments.

In this exclusive webinar for Sustainability Hotel News readers, Felicity Cousins will interview EEA and programme leads Dr Marc Lepere and Ufi Ibrahim on the imminent regulatory changes and issues that executives in the industry must address to remain competitive.

Visit our programme page for more details!

At this event

Kate Forman

Head of Executive Programme Development

Marc Lepere

Lead in ESG & Sustainability

Ufi Ibrahim

Founder and CEO of EEA

Michele Gray

Client Relationship Manager, Executive Education

Felicity Cousins

Editor, Sustainable Hotel News

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