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What was it like to consult the ancient Greek gods? What questions did people ask? What advice were they given?

Step back 2,500 years and experience what it was like for ordinary people and community leaders to ask their questions of the oracle of mighty Zeus at Dodona.

For centuries, ancient Greek men and women visited oracular sanctuaries – sacred sites where they could ask the gods to reveal secrets of the past, present and future. This experience brings to life the stories of several pilgrims as they visit the oracle of Zeus at Dodona in northwest Greece.

Dodona was said to be the oldest oracle in Greece and attracted people from across the ancient world, including those who were enslaved. Visitors to the oracle wrote their questions for Zeus on lead tablets, and received their answers through an oracular oak tree.

Inspired by the deeply personal questions that pilgrims asked at Dodona, the Virtual Reality Oracle offers the chance to:

  • Explore the oracle of Zeus, king of the gods
  • Discover the lives of the pilgrims that visited Dodona and hear their concerns first hand
  • Transform your understanding of the religion of the ancient Greeks
  • Take part in the oracular ritual for yourself – what would you ask Zeus?

There is no charge for this experience, but booking is essential. Please make individual bookings for each individual that will be using the Virtual Reality Oracle. If you cannot attend, please cancel your booking so that someone else can use your slot. A visit to the oracle takes around 20 minutes. Users must be over 13 years old. A member of the VR team will be there to clean down the equipment and support you throughout the whole experience.

By attending this event you agree to be photographed and filmed. Photos and video material may be used for educational and promotional purposes of the exhibition. Anonymized photos may be used in research publications. If you wish to not be photographed and filmed, please inform an exhibition invigilator upon your arrival at the event.

The Virtual Reality Oracle: An Immersive Experience of the Ancient Greek Oracle at Dodona is a collaboration between academics at the University of Bristol, the University of Bath, and King’s College London. The VR was created in collaboration with Friday Sundae Studios. The project is funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council.

This event is supported by King's Culture.

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Bush House Arcade
Arcade at Bush House, South Wing, Strand WC2B 4PJ