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This panel will be addressing the trends in land, maritime and air warfare historiography. Each Service environment has its own unique pathologies, especially as far as official histories are concerned, and the panel will offer some reflections as to why there are these differences and which historical periods remain unchartered territory, to the detriment of modern strategy development.

About the panel

  • Chair: Professor Bill Philpott, Department of War Studies.

  • Trends in Land Warfare Historiography: the Napoleonic Era to the 20th century - Professor Gary Sheffield, Professor Emeritus, University of Wolverhampton

  • Forgetting Corbett: the Decline of Historically-led Methodology and Maritime Influences on Strategy in the Contemporary Era - Dr James Smith, Research Associate, Department of War Studies.

  • Official Histories of Air Warfare: WWI to the Libyan Air Campaign, 2011 - Dr Christina Goulter, Defence Studies Department, Co-Director Sir Michael Howard Centre for the History of War.

At this event

Christina Goulter

Reader in Military History and Air Power

James W.E. Smith

Laughton-Corbett Visiting Research Fellow

William Philpott

Professor of the History of Warfare