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Try not to look away: the epidemic of brain injury in MEH groups


18AprBench with person's belongings strewn aboutPart of Homelessness series

In this webinar Steph Grant and Alistair Atherton will highlight what can be described as an epidemic in brain injury in MEH (multiple exclusion homelessness) groups. They will propose that to meet the challenge of this epidemic, services must acknowledge the scale of the problem and transform their dominant narrative around brain injury. Steph and Alistair are founding members of the Head Injury and Homelessness Research Group.

Steph Grant is a traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivor with first hand experience of multiple exclusion, homelessness and serious co-morbidities. He will describe his personal journey along this bleak path and the transformations in his life that leave him almost 40 years later, a passionate academic and activist for keeping our eyes peeled for brain injury in homeless and other excluded groups.

Alistair Atherton is a practising neuropsychologist who has accompanied Steph over the last 20 years and has learned how services can turn away from the reality of brain injury.


This event is open to all. Booking is via Eventbrite.

Homelessness series at King's

The webinar, which takes place on MS Teams only, is part of the Homelessness series, organised out of the NIHR Health and Social Care Workforce Research Unit, King's College London.

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