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Please note: this event has passed

Can you identify whether you are talking to your friend or an AI? Take part in the Turing test and find out!

You and your friend will sit down on a table and start texting. There is a 50% chance you are texting each other, or a 50% chance you are texting an AI. You have two goals:

  1. Find out whether you are talking to your friend or an AI
  2. Fool your friend into thinking you are an AI, so that they guess incorrectly and lose the game

You win the game if you guess correctly and your friend guesses wrong.

This activity is in-person only. Registration is not required.

The demonstration is being run by Alexander Philipp Rader, PhD student on the UKRI CDT in Safe and Trusted AI.

This event is part of Bringing the Human to the Artificial, an exhibition presented by the King’s Institute for Artificial Intelligence, showcases cutting-edge research from across the university exploring the effects of artificial intelligence (AI) on different aspects of our lives. The exhibition is open between 2 May and 30 June 2023. Find out more here.

This demo will also happen on Saturday 27 May.

Event details

Bush House Arcade
Arcade at Bush House, South Wing, Strand WC2B 4PJ