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Bringing the Human to the Artificial, a new exhibition presented by the King’s Institute for Artificial Intelligence in collaboration with King's Culture, showcases cutting-edge research from across the university exploring the effects of artificial intelligence (AI) on different aspects of our lives. The exhibition runs from 2 May to 30 June 2023.

Bringing the Human to the Artificial features multiple perspectives on AI at King's, across social sciences, law, arts, humanities, security, science, engineering and health. Visitors are encouraged to explore the exhibits, and to consider a society enriched by these technologies and the challenges they present.

Learn about the robots at King's, witness AI design video games live, explore what it means to see the world via a poetic commentary on human and machine vision, test if you can drive better than AI, consider ethical implications of AI in medicine, and much more during the exhibition. Explore the exhibition.


Bringing the Human to the Artificial showcases artificial intelligence at King’s College London, and asks questions about our future relationship with AI and what we want of a society populated by both humans and machines.

Michael Luck, Institute Director, King’s Institute for Artificial Intelligence

Explore the exhibition

Fixed exhibits

Fixed exhibits

Find out about exhibits which will be in place for the duration of the exhibition.

Scheduled exhibits

Scheduled exhibits

There will also be events, demonstrations, and temporary exhibits. Find out more.

Fixed exhibits

Visitors will be able to explore examples of artificial intelligence research at King's, to find out about how AI is helping identify patients at risk of cancer, the ways in which AI could lead to a better justice system, some of the key debates that surround the use of AI in security and defence, the integration of AI with art, and much more. See what fixed exhibits will be in the exhibition.

Scheduled exhibits

Bringing the Human to the Artificial  involves a series of scheduled demonstrations, interactive exhibits and events. Explore the scheduled exhibits. The full exhibition programme is available on our event page.


Fixed exhibits

MegaFace Creative AI Adam Harvey

28 April 2023

The Creative AI Lab

Read about King's work how AI is used in creative fields, as featured in the Bringing the Human to…

Designed by AI DALL·E Bringing the Human to the Artificial

28 April 2023

Designed by AI

Read about King's work on how and why people choose AI or human-made products, as featured in the…

MERCY screenshot 2

28 April 2023

Judged by the Machines?

Read about King's work on artificial intelligence in the justice system, as featured in the Bringing…

image with blue background and coloured spotlights reading bringing the human to the artificial: artificial intelligence at King's

28 April 2023


This exhibit illustrates the ever-closing gap between human and artificial intelligence. It is part…

Hand and robot

28 April 2023

Come Closer?

Visitors are prompted to consider their responses and preconceptions to robotic and AI technologies.…

Person viewing Melting Memories, a video installation by Refik Anadol

28 April 2023

The AI Gallery

Find out about the AI Gallery, presented by National Gallery X and the UKRI Trustworthy Autonomous…

BTHTTA NewsStoryTitle+Image_780x440px

28 April 2023

AI at King's

See examples of AI projects across King's, as featured in the Bringing the Human to the Artificial…

Humanoid robot face possessed-photography-YKW0JjP7rlU-unsplash 780x440

28 April 2023

Artificial Soul

Is there any aspect of humanity that could never be programmed into a machine? Listen to this…

Neuromatic Joanna Zylinska

28 April 2023


A poetic commentary on human and machine vision, Neuromatic invites viewers to explore what it means…

Frame from the film Chaos of Raw Unknowing showing how an AI interprets pictures as fields of probabilty

28 April 2023

The Chaos of Raw Unknowing

This short film explores trust and the danger of anthropomorphizing AI. It is being shown as part of…

MERCY trailer still

28 April 2023


Developed by artist Vivienne Griffin, MERCY explores the role of AI and algorithms in judicial…

07 The Coffee Service_Hossaini Art AI

28 April 2023

Good Intentions, Bad Art

‘Good Intentions, Bad Art’ is the first episode in the 'Art & AI' podcast. It can be listened to in…


28 April 2023

Who's Responsible?

This installation prompts visitors to consider the environmental, health, and social justice issues…

Scheduled exhibits