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Unleashing the power of AI - Addressing issues causing attainment gaps in higher education through AI-enabled data collection

AI technology is known to exhibit biases and a lack of diversity in the training data, which can lead to the generation of discriminatory content. However, certain forms of AI have assisted decision-makers in creating a more diverse and inclusive space in organisations.

In this webinar, we discuss the various forms of AI and focus on the use of AI for collecting data enabling us to identify key areas of improvement to address the issues causing attainment gaps in higher education.

Dr Ilia Protopapa, Antonis Kazouris, and Kunal Prasad Damodare from King’s Business School will discuss the first AI investigation of King's Business School students’ perception of diversity, inclusion, and well being. During this webinar, we will discuss various concerns with regard to diversity and inclusion that AI technology may cause, explain our approach to collecting AI-enabled data and outline key advantages and disadvantages of the method.

About I-LEAD

I-LEAD - Innovation in Leadership Education and Development is an initiative recently launched by Kings Business School. It is focused on student success and addressing the gaps between traditional academic practices and student goals, industry, and societal needs, as well as the global vortex of change.