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Chairs: Professor Ana Elena González-Treviño, Director of Centre for Mexican Studies, UNAM-UK and Dr Eleonora Natale, Lecturer in International History, Department of War Studies at King's College London 

Speaker: Dr Marcela Meneses, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico

Discussant: Raul Zepeda Gil, PhD Candidate, Defence Studies Department at King's College London 

Dr Marcela Meneses shares the preliminary results of an ongoing investigation on violence as a mechanism of conflict resolution in urban-affordable housing environments in Mexico City.

The investigation aims to understand violence as an element of the socialisation process from which one learns to act and respond using violence. Although this practice makes the executor a perpetrator, he, in the eyes of his community is socially legitimised to act in this way. The findings are based on empirical data based on ethnographic observation, cybernography and a questionnaire given to 121 young inhabitants of an affordable housing unit in Mexico City.

This event is organised by the Latin American Security Research Network (LAS) at the Department of War Studies, in collaboration with the Centre for Mexican Studies UNAM-UK.

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