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This workshop is dedicated to the interactions between holomorphic dynamics, foliation theory and birational geometry.

There is a long track record of important interplay between these three fields: for instance, foliation theory plays a central role in the proof of the Abundance Conjecture in dimension 3, and the proof of the BAB conjecture has had important implications for the study of dynamics of birational automorphisms of varieties.

The goal of the workshop is to discuss these recent advances, and their implications for birational geometry, dynamics and arithmetic geometry.


  • Jeremy Blanc (Basel)
  • Serge Cantat (Rennes)
  • Davoud Cheragi (Imperial)
  • Charles Favre (Paris)
  • Stefano Filipazzi (EPFL)
  • Cecile Gachet (Nice)
  • Julia Schneider (EPFL)
  • Roberto Svaldi (Milan)
  • Christian Urech (EPFL)
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Franklin-Wilkins Building
150 Stamford Street London, SE1 9NH