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Workshop: Translating Research into Arts: Method & Practice - 31 October 2019

Please note that this event has passed.

This practical workshop aims to unpack what it means to translate research into art, inviting you to experiment with your own practices. Social science researchers will guide you through the process of how they approach research through arts- based mediums (photography, zine-making, sketches) 

The workshop aims to give you a palette of approaches to apply to your own research, considering the ethical implications of the relationship between researchers and their subjects/objects of study.

Please come prepared to share your work and experiment with new methods.

Questions to consider prior to the workshop might be:

  • Why have I chosen this medium to represent my research?
  • What is the meaning I am trying to capture through my medium?
  • Whose story am I telling?
  • What lens am I looking through?
  • What are the ethics of distribution and representation when showing work as part of an exhibition?

Presenters/ Facilitators

Dr Antonella Mazzone, University of Oxford completed her PhD in 'Energy Transition in the Brazilian Amazon. A Gender Perspective' at King's. Antonella is also an artist who uses visual methodologies for research and dissemination of findings. She is currently developing a digital graphic novel of her research in the Amazon.

Phoebe Martin is a PhD student based at the UCL Institute of the Americas and an affiliate student of King's. She is looking at artivism - art-based activism including performance, visual arts, and theatre - within the contemporary Peruvian feminist movement. Her research is funded by a London Arts and Humanities Partnership studentship.

Dr Jessica Carden is the Research Officer in the School of Security Studies and holds a PhD from the Transnational Research Centre for Art, Identity and Nation, UAL.  In 2009 she co-founded the curatorial project Mother Tongue driven by an interest in the intersection between art, design and issues of post-colonialism.

Hanna Riazuddin is Postgraduate Researcher in the Geography department, working with visual methods and Participatory Action Research (PAR), using mixed methods to explore the impacts of urban regeneration on young people's psychosocial health. She has previously worked in equality, diversity and inclusion as well as community arts. 

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