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23 September 2022

APPG for Ending Homelessness report cites Unit work

Work by Maureen Crane and colleagues is examining access to GPs

Person sleeping rough in a park

Earlier this year the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Ending Homelessness launched an inquiry into the Westminster Government’s progress towards its manifesto commitment to ‘end the blight of rough sleeping by the end of the next Parliament’ in England by 2024.

The Group's report, published today, cites work from the Homelessness Research Programme at the NIHR Policy Research Unit in Health and Social Care Workforce. It notes that Maureen Crane and colleagues 'found that 56.5% of homelessness projects in England do not have specialist primary care (GP) health services in their area.' (p.81). 

Cited publication

Crane, M., Cetrano, G., Joly, L., Coward, S., Daly, B., Ford, C., Gage, H., Manthorpe, J., & Williams, P. (2018) Mapping of specialist primary health care services in England for people who are homeless. King's College London.

The mapping report derives from the HEARTH study - Delivering primary health care to homeless people: An evaluation of the integration, effectiveness and costs of different models.

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