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09 June 2022

At Alzheimer's Disease International

Monica Leverton was part of a panel looking to the future of care

Agustin Ibanez, Monica Leverton and Temitope Farombi

Monica Leverton was invited to speak today as part of an international symposium on Society and Dementia at the 35th Global Conference of Alzheimer’s Disease International in London. Monica’s presentation focused on using visual methods to assess and understand the needs of people living with dementia, in answer to the question of ‘what can we do to help improve the future of dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease care?’. There were around 100 people in the audience; the event was also streamed online.

Image: symposium participants, Agustín Ibáñez (Director of Latin American Brain Health Institute, Chile), Monica Leverton of HSCWRU, and Temitope Farombi (Consultant neurologist, Nigeria)

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