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04 March 2021

Conference on (anti)corruption in Brazil and China

Registration has opened for the conference, which is funded by the UNODC and hosted by the King's Brazil Institute and Lau China Institute.


The King’s Brazil Institute and the Lau China Institute are organizing a conference on (anti)corruption in Brazil and China, funded by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Education for Justice (E4J) initiative. The online event will be held on 15-19 March 2021.

The conference will use online teaching methodology of synchronous and asynchronous elements to bridge the 11-hour time difference between Brazil and China and to bring local academics together.

Visit the project website

Please take a look at the conference website, where you can register to attend the event, watch the paper presentations and participate in the live Q&As.

The website will stay online after the conference to promote comparative research and collaboration. This is the second funded project of the Gacs - Global Anti(C)orruption Studies group - since 2018.

Should you have a query please contact