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07 June 2021

Congratulations! You've finished your exams

Wondering what to do next over the summer?

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You’ve revised through your revision schedule, submitted the online exam, handed in your dissertation. Amazing work! You shut your laptop. Now what?

First things first: you deserve a break

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Don’t feel pressured to jump into internships, summer courses or other opportunities straight away. No one can operate at 100% all the time, so it’s important to put work and studies on pause when you can.

If you have a job or other commitments, try to build in time in your week to do the things you may have put on hold while focusing on your exams.

Summer holidays may not be the same for many of us this year, but catching up with loved ones, continuing a hobby or exploring your local area where it’s safe to do so can help us reset and recharge.

Take a moment to reflect

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A change of scene and routine is a good time to look back on the past year. Studying at university is an achievement in itself, so take some time to think about how far you have come and what you are proud of.

You may find it useful to think about what you have enjoyed and what you would like to do more. Is there anything you could stop doing to make space for something that serves you better?

Get the King’s Edge


Doing something towards your future or investing in yourself has benefits for your wellbeing in the present. King’s Edge is here to help you develop the skills and experiences you need for whatever is next.

Choose from a range of events and courses to help you stand out from the crowd. Paid internships and volunteering, languages courses and opportunities to give back to our local communities are all on offer.

King’s Edge will run throughout summer 2021. So, if you have a goal in mind or want to try something new, you have the flexibility to learn and explore at a time that suits you.

Think about your next steps

King’s Careers & Employability are here to support you as you investigate the world of work, whether you are discovering your options, have some ideas in mind or want to take action on your career plan.


Careers & Employability resources on KEATS can help you identify what you want from your future. Here you can learn about different careers, identify your skills and experience, make decisions and get support for starting work.

If you would like to discuss your options, you can book one-to-one careers guidance appointments, practice interviews and application advice sessions in person and virtually.

And King’s can support you to find an internship. Take a look at internships and work experience opportunities that could boost your networks, enhance your prospects and give you a taster of different industries.

Some internship programmes are exclusively for students who may face additional challenges to gaining graduate work, so you can be assured that support is available, whatever your background or level of experience.



Dream of starting your own business? The King’s Entrepreneurship Institute can super-charge that journey. If you’re sitting on a bright spark of an idea, the King’s 20 Accelerator has everything you need to turn it into something big. 

Give back


Volunteering is a great way to use your time to make a difference. It has personal benefits too, connecting you to your community, improving your wellbeing and helping you develop new skills and meet new people.

King’s Volunteering lists volunteering opportunities in our local communities in London and online, from planting trees in London parks to supporting refugees to learn English.

You can also browse volunteering opportunities through the KCLSU Volunteering Record and log your hours towards a Volunteering Award.