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17 July 2019

Contemporary Thought in the Muslim World explores modern day issues within Islam

Dr Kersten's recent book, Contemporary Thought in the Muslim World, focuses on political Islam and intellectual history, from topics such as law and ethics to gender equality.

Contemporary Thought in the Muslim World
Contemporary Thought in the Muslim World

Contemporary Thought in the Muslim World is aimed at scholars and students interested in Islam and the Muslim world. The broad range of themes and issues found within the book display that Muslims are not only concerned with religion, in a conventional or narrow sense of the word, but that they also debate questions related to democracy, freedom, universal human rights standards, or ecology and life sciences. 

One particular issue Dr Kersten addresses in the book is the inaccurate use of terminology, for example the misuse of descriptions such as “fundamentalist”, “Islamist” or references that seem clear, but come with a lot of baggage. He, instead, proposes alternative categories, suggesting that we speak of traditional, reactionary and progressive Muslims instead.

I hope to have produced a useful resource for future students and an orientation point for other researchers with an interest in what is happening in today's Muslim world and in Muslim communities elsewhere.

Dr Carool Kersten

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Emeritus Reader in the Study of Islam & the Muslim World