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18 January 2021

Corbett Centre Research Group forms new alliance with the Center for Asia Pacific Strategy

The Corbett Centre for Maritime Policy Studies has announced the establishment of a Memoranda of Understanding with US think tank the Center for Asia Pacific Strategy.

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A Memoranda of Understanding has been signed between the Corbett Centre for Maritime Policy Studies in the Defence Studies Department, King’s College London, and The Center for Asia Pacific Strategy (CAPS), security and policy think tank based in Washington.

The agreement will bring together these two vast networks which focus on strategy and policy-making in the area of maritime defence and security in the Asia Pacific region.

By leveraging practitioners working on policy analysis and proposals, engaging experts from each of the stakeholder nations, and using practical experience from executing security policy in the most volatile regions, the two groups will create a unique, practitioner-driven think-tank of expertise and insight on contemporary Asia Pacific strategic topics.

The networks will also help bring to the forefront the importance of the Asia Pacific region to developments around Brexit, the EU, NATO, Russia and the Middle East. They will also inform approaches to American foreign and strategic policies from an Asia Pacific perspective, bringing greater diversity and independence of thought to many of these issues.


CAPS logo
CAPS logo

The Center for Asia Pacific Strategy is founded on the belief that in today’s global political landscape there is a genuine need for highly qualified and experience-based political insight that specializes in the Asia Pacific region. They provide leaders within governments, military and defence-related agencies, and businesses with current information and pragmatic policy recommendations that address present and future threats to security and stability across the Asia Pacific region.

With a particular focus on the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia, the relationship with CAPS will bring a different perspective to the policy formulation work the Corbett Centre currently does with the Ministry of Defence, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and the intelligence and national security communities.

Professor Greg Kennedy
Professor Greg Kennedy

Furthermore, Corbett Centre members will also be able to draw on networks and linkages to the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia, in their teaching at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom. There will also be a unique opportunity for to establish a greater network of academics focused on the Asia Pacific region.

The collaboration will develop a regular series of virtual events and activities to foster a network for enhancing and transferring knowledge on key issues concerning Asia Pacific maritime policy.

I’m delighted to announce the signing of this MOU between King's College London and the Centre for Asia Pacific Strategy (CAPS). The Asia Pacific region is hugely important to a number of questions concerning defence and foreign policy for both the US and the UK. This partnership will demonstrate the importance of world-beating scholarship and academic thinking in helping shape strategy and policy-making around critical challenges we face today.

Professor Greg Kennedy, Director of the Corbett Centre

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