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11 May 2021

Department of International Development Receives Athena SWAN Bronze Award

The Department of International Development has received the prestigious Athena SWAN Bronze Award, given in April 2021 in recognition of the Department's excellent track record for gender equality, as well as the highly collaborative nature of their submission process.

Athena SWAN bronze

The Department of International Development was particularly commended in feedback from the awarding body for the submission’s use of an intersectional lens.

The Athena SWAN Bronze Award was established in 2005 to support and transform gender equality in research and higher education institutions across the globe. Built around ten key principles removing barriers to equal opportunities, the accolade is awarded to institutions with outstanding efforts to promote gender equality. It also seeks to expand the horizons of academic research, recognising that “academia cannot reach its full potential unless it can benefit from the talents of all”.

I am so pleased with this achievement. While the application was tough, our self-assessment team worked very collaboratively to provide an analysis that allows us all to look at the future with ambition for EDI-work.

Professor Jelke Boesten, the Department for International Development's Athena SWAN lead

Professor Boesten said further that the process of preparing the submission document helped the department to develop a keen understanding of their needs beyond gender related issues. This has led to the department creating an action plan that focuses on streamlining and consolidating the department’s attention to equality, diversity and inclusion, particularly regarding a culture of respect free of bullying and harassment. There is also a strong focus on student recruitment and attainment for all, as well as creating a work environment focused on career development and progression particular for junior and mid-career members of staff.