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06 September 2021

Discovering the music of the cosmos

Collaboration between musical artist and King's experimental particle physicist

Shortening - image of visual sound waves

Visitors to the BrittenPearsArts Festival of the New 2021 will have the chance to discover the mysterious links between cosmology and music from King’s experimental particle physicist, Dr Teppei Katori, and Christo Squier, a multi-disciplinary artist, composer, performer and creative producer and current Artist in Residence at the King’s Department of Physics.


Teppei and Christo form part of the 2021 cohort of the King’s Artists programme, run by King’s Culture, which supports researchers from departments across the university to host artist residencies. They are collaborating on ways of understanding cosmic rays through sound, music and virtual reality. Their performance, Subatomic, brings together a host of instrumentalists to explore this fascinating subatomic world via composition, sonification, projection and performance.

King’s has a long history of artist residencies that connect academic research with art through a range of media including painting, printing, literature, theatre, music, performance, installation, photography, video, textiles, waxwork modelling, ceramics and fashion. Teppei and Christo are keeping a blog of their collaboration which they hope will bring more people to share a fascination with the mysteries of the universe.

Watch a demo video to find out more about Teppei and Christo's collaboration. 

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