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20 September 2019

Dr Pierpaolo Vivo, Department of Mathematics, receives UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship

Dr Pierpaolo Vivo, Senior Lecturer in Disordered Systems, has been awarded a UK Research and Innovation Future Leaders Fellowship for his work on modelling and visualising complex legal systems.

Symbols of the law

Pierpaolo received the award for his project 'Taming the complexity of the law: modelling and visualisation of dynamically interacting legal systems.' The project advocates a digital, network-based approach to the visualisation and quantitative analysis of legal texts.

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The UK corpus of laws is an ever-expanding collection of texts forming an intricate web of interconnections, whose complexity affects the UK economy and undermines public trust. Pierpaolo will use advanced tools from Complexity Science and integrate them into a new digital toolbox, setting a new standard in the way UK legislation is conceived, visualised and made available to practitioners and the general public.

Pierpaolo will benefit from a share of £78 million being awarded to top researchers and innovators from across the country. The investment is intended to support the next generation of researchers as they lead cutting edge projects, with two others awarded at King's in the current round.

On receiving the Fellowship, Pierpaolo said:

I am very excited and proud to be awarded this Future Leaders Fellowship, which allows me to develop my long-term vision for a more sustainable, user-friendly and mathematically sound approach to the complexity of legal systems. I plan to make a long-lasting societal and economic impact by removing the barriers in the way that UK legislation is conceived, visualised and 'measured’ that hamper societal progress, create unnecessary burden for businesses and people, and ultimately undermine the rule of law. This is a very ambitious interdisciplinary project at the crossroads between law, mathematics and digital humanities, to which the generous and long-term funding and support granted by UKRI will prove essential.

Dr Pierpaolo Vivo, Senior Lecturer in Disordered Systems, Department of Mathematics

Professor Sir Mark Walport, UK Research and Innovation’s Chief Executive, commented:

The Future Leaders Fellowships will enable the most promising researchers and innovators to become leaders in their fields, working on subjects as diverse as climate change, dementia and quantum computing. UKRI is committed to creating modern research and innovation careers and our Future Leaders Fellowships aim to support and retain the most talented people, including those with flexible career paths.

Professor Sir Mark Walport, Chief Executive, UK Research and Innovation

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