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05 April 2023

EEA and King's Business School develop new ESG programme with and for senior hospitality industry leaders

Hospitality businesses that embrace ESG measures will gain competitive advantage as reporting becomes mandatory

Hotel clerk greets guests

King’s Business School and the Energy & Environment Alliance (EEA) are to offer an executive education programme designed with and for senior hospitality industry leaders to help them to embed Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) measures in their businesses.

It is estimated that hotels are responsible for one per cent of global carbon emissions and with ESG moving from a voluntary marketing and investor relations tool to become a regulated, mandatory, accounting-based requirement, businesses across the industry will gain competitive advantage by fully understanding and embracing the opportunities ESG presents.

The programme, co-created in partnership with global industry experts, will give leaders the knowledge and insight they need to integrate ESG into their businesses.

Starting in September 2023, the course will combine in-person and online learning in small groups. It will give a thorough grounding in the scientific case for greater environmental sustainability, core concepts such as inclusive innovation, as well as in the regulatory framework and relevant reporting options. Through teaching, guest speakers, case studies and discussion, leaders on the programme will develop a personalised action plan that will enable them to lead and inspire complex, comprehensive change across many areas of their business.

The partnership will develop further through the creation of a complementary ESG course for general managers and hotel operating teams.

All businesses in the sector need to know how to report on their ESG measures and the best and most successful will understand how to use that type of data to drive sustainable transformation.

Dr Marc Lepere, King’s Business School's Executive Education Lead on ESG & Sustainability

"Done well, ESG drives innovation, value and engagement across the whole business as well as mitigating risk, " continues Dr Lepere. "We are delighted to be partnering with the Energy and Environment Alliance to help asset owners, the leadership teams of brands, franchises and independent operators to understand the new demands on them and also the fantastic opportunity they have to lead the way to a sustainable future for us all.”

The EEA’s main ambitions is to forge a network of engaged and proactive industry leaders with the knowledge, skills and ambition to drive sustainable business practices forward across the sector. I’m absolutely delighted to announce that the EEA has signed a formal partnership with King’s College London and King’s Business School to develop ESG Executive Education specifically for our industry’s leaders.

Ufi Ibrahim, CEO, the Energy and Environment Alliance

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