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03 September 2018

Exceptional results for King's Maths School

A-level pupils at King’s Maths School have achieved significantly higher than average results in 2018. Nationally, 26.2% of students achieved an A* or A grade, whereas 88% of students at the King’s Maths School achieved results of A or A* this summer. In Maths and Further Maths, 95% of all grades were A or above - the highest in the school’s history.

Pupils getting their A-level results
Pupils getting their A-level results

The school was established in partnership with King’s College London in 2014 ‘to provide high quality mathematics education in the heart of London’ and prepares students for studying mathematical courses at university.

Female students performed exceptionally well, with 100% of female students studying Maths and Further Maths scoring grade A or above. In addition, 98% of male students studying Maths gained an A or A* result.

Head Teacher Dan Abramson said: ‘King's College London Mathematics School continues to add a huge amount of value, with students on average performing more than one whole grade better in each subject than predicted by their GCSE performance.

‘This figure would place the school in the top 0.5% of schools in terms of value added. No other selective school comes close to adding this level of value.

‘It’s no overstatement to say that the school is changing the lives of our pupils who are drawn from diverse and non-traditional backgrounds. The hard work and outstanding results of this cohort of students means that they will be taking up places at some of the world’s leading universities, including Oxford, Cambridge, MIT and King’s itself.’

Nearly all students have confirmed a place at a Russel Group or Sutton Trust 30 university, and 20% of applicants have gained a place at Oxbridge.