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08 September 2021

Explore solutions to the biggest security challenges with our new online masters

The School of Security Studies is launching a new online masters on solutions to the world’s most urgent security issues.

Global Security masters_

The School of Security Studies is launching a new online masters aimed at tackling some of the world’s most urgent security issues. The Master’s in Global Security will equip students to engage with some of the biggest threats facing society in the 21st Century, from more traditional ones such as nuclear proliferation, to those more contemporary, including climate change, terrorism, and pandemics.

The new online master’s has been developed and designed through a collaboration that brings together for the first time academics from the Defence Studies Department and the Department of War Studies.

World leading experts will share insights via case studies and real-world scenarios, and lead topical discussions on topics including: power struggles; the inequalities between the Global North and Global South; democracy; our sense of freedom; and both the threats and possibilities of technology. Students will be encouraged to find sustainable solutions to these problems by learning how to better understand their causes and the effects across the globe.

"It's vital to understand today’s security challenges because they directly affect all of us, pose threats to everyone's security and are exceedingly difficult to address. Contemporary issues such as climate change, pandemics and cyberattacks cross national borders, challenge the safety and security of the whole world and require cooperative responses which can be difficult to achieve.”

Dr Andrea Ellner, Programme Director for Global Cultures, School of Security Studies

How is the course structured?

The online Global Security Master’s tackles the urgent security challenges impacting our world today, and is structured through four different approaches:

  • Foundation modules will develop students’ understanding of the most common theories, approaches and processes that are used to identify and tackle security issues.
  • Advanced modules evaluate global security challenges, from the traditional, such as strategic competition and nuclear proliferation, to the more contemporary, such as the loss of biodiversity and human rights, assessing the impact this has on geopolitics, conflict, and law.
  • Optional modules to suit interests and career ambitions across a range of topics, including: Cyber Security; Understanding Deterrence; International Political Economy; and Women, Peace and Security. This allows students to specialise in a chosen field before summarising their learning experience with an independent research project of their choice, reflecting on the knowledge they’ve developed throughout the course.

What are the career prospects?

Through understanding aspects of global security and experiencing real-world scenarios, students will build practical skills to help prepare them for a successful career in a range of sectors. The course will be particularly beneficial for those:

  • Looking to progress their careers in either the public or private defence sectors
  • Working or want to work for a global security business or organisation
  • Working outside of the security sector and looking for a career change
  • Keen to stay up to date with latest research and knowledge in global security
  • Wishing to follow in the footsteps of fellow graduates from the School of Security Studies who’ve gone onto a range of careers including policy, development, consultancy, political risk, finance and international relations in the public, private and voluntary sectors. Most recently, a number of alumni were appointed as advisors to President Biden and the US government on security.


When does it start?

This course is taught 100% online, enabling students to study from anywhere in the world, alongside their work commitments. With six annual entry points, you can begin your studies whenever it's convenient for you.

Applications are now open, with the first intake beginning in January 2022.

To find out more about this master’s course, explore our Global Security MA course page.